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Makeup Base

Makeup Base:  Get the Ideal Make up Base


The most general issue that people will probably to run into as choosing makeup base is the makeup base doesn’t match between face and neck. The makeup base doesn’t match between face and neck can be caused by trying the makeup base on the face instead of the neck. This is because the skin below jaw line usually darker than above jaw line. To get the ideal make up base, you will need to choose the right make up base. Choosing the best make up base or pre make up base requires you to know more about each types which includes liquid-based make up foundation, cream-based make up foundation and also powder-make up base foundation. Additional important factor as choosing makeup base knows the sufficient amount of makeup base foundation to put on the face.

Makeup Base

Golden makeup


Makeup Base – Tips to Find the Suitable Make up Foundation

Below are tips to choose the best make up base or pre make up base, which are important factors if you’re choosing makeup base:

  • First, choose liquid make up base for clear skin. Liquid-based make up foundation will hold the powder perfectly. The main reason is because liquid-based make up foundation are perfect for finishing powder and suits all shades.
  • Aside of liquid-based make up foundation, you also need to choose cream-based makeup base for dry skin. Cream-based make up foundation will give the needed complexion and moisture. This is because cream-based make up foundation usually heavier than liquids or powders-based foundation.
  • Additionally, you must also choose powder-based foundation for oily skin. Powder-make up base foundation will make great cover for wrinkles, for the reason that powder-make up base foundation is non greasy and hold the makeup base in place.
  • Last, never overdo make up base foundation. Sufficient amount of makeup base foundation is very essential as choosing makeup base, since it will enable you accomplish fantastic complexion due to the fact that sufficient amount of makeup base foundation  will work wonders with skin matching color make up base. Read the rest of this entry »