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Spray Makeup

Spray Makeup – Fast Way to Apply Make Up


In the beginning, Carmindy – the makeup artist on the What Not to Wear TLC was the first one that made spray makeup famous. Since then, many women have been switching from their conventional makeup and acquiring the ease of using spray foundation. The main benefit of this spray on foundation is that it can be apply faster and it creates amazing look when applied correctly, and also feels extremely light on the skin, as if not using makeup at all. The only downside of the spray makeup is the fact that liquid spray make up is actually designed for shorter outings, about 3 to 4 hours long, so it allows you to get ready for fast.

Spray Makeup

Golden makeup


Spray Makeup – Advantage and Disadvantage

The best thing about spray makeup is, though it does not last as long as other types of makeup foundation, it looks great on your skin as well as making you look flawless when it’s working its magic on your face. And another spray on foundation benefit is that the fact that sprays makeup is durable – it will not rub off on the clothes and it does not run as it gets a bit wet. Other disadvantage is the fact that liquid spray make up usually pricier than other kinds of foundations, in average around 50 dollars US for each bottle for the typical product. Regardless the price, spray makeup is a fine item in your makeup bag, as you will be able to apply it within under 30 seconds – which is  quite valuable for any busy girls who needs a fast application. Read the rest of this entry »