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Barbie Makeup

Barbie Makeup – Add the Fun of Playing Barbie


Barbie Makeup

Golden makeup

For Barbie lover, Barbie makeup is a huge thing. Barbie dolls have been available since the late 50’s and were successful immediately, since Barbie and Barbie dress up games are loved by people from all ages. Mattel, the company that made Barbie is now offering a various clothing choices, accessories and other fashion items such as jewelry and also shoes for the dolls. You may also have the male doll – Ken, and the teen doll Skipper. You’ll also be able to find other Barbie games such as; Barbie’s play kitchens, playhouse with a Barbie theme, Barbie makeup, as well as furniture and decorations – also with Barbie theme.


Barbie Makeup – Online Games

Aside from houses, kitchen, accessories as well as Barbie makeup, Barbie has come along away from just being a doll into an online phenomenon with its online games. There are plenty of Barbie games that allow you to play Barbie dress up games, Barbie makeup games other activities with Barbie. These games are designed for people of all ages. You may dress up and put makeup on Barbie in wonderful clothes for any occasions, which includes; prom, wedding, nursing and working clothes, or probably casual clothes for casual dates with Ken. You may also apply cultural clothing from other places in the world to create unique and interesting looks for Barbie. In some games, you can also change the Barbie’s hair and makeup. Barbie makeup and dress up games are ways to learn about cultures and styles around the world in a fun way. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion Makeup

Fashion Makeup – Trending Fashion Items and Applications


There are new trends on fashion makeup that fashion enthusiasts will be able to apply. Basically this time is about red color for the nails and lips and eye make up fashions. This fashion make up art will create elegant and classic look, which ones can use with any outfits for any occasions, and still look ravishing. This new fashion makeup trends will likely excite fashion enthusiasts, since it is easily accessible without spending large amount of cash to follow.

Fashion Makeup

Golden makeup


Fashion Makeup – Reds and Orange

There are other trending fashion makeup that comes with the latest fashion make up 2011 trends, which you can apply for daily activities or special occasion;

  • First, choose red hot lip colors that suit your undertone skin. If you think that you’re a cool person, go with bright reds with a bit of blue hints. If you think yourself as a warm person, go with warm reds with gold, orange or yellow as hints. Should you want to make a statement; wonderful shades of reds will be perfect – as long as you make sure to pick out one that suit you the most?
  • The following hot fashion makeup items are metallic shadows. Be careful applying this fashion make up art though, since you might go a bit further than it should and making you makeup appear overdone. You will be able to apply his color for the upcoming party with jeans to look modern and chic. Do you remember how orange color was so hot sometimes ago? Well, orange lip color and eye shadow is a trending makeup items nowadays. Even so, this fashion makeup color is only recommended for those of you that have darker skin tones or warm undertones.


Fashion Makeup – Smokey Eyes

Next trending fashion makeup that comes with the fashion make up 2011 trends are smoky eyes. These eye make up fashions has taken a favorable spot among fashion enthusiasts, along with winged eye liner and thick brows. You just need to be sure that when you’re applying it, you should apply it in moderation or sparingly – or you might ends up looking overdone. It is recommended that you try on pigment powder or olive gold shadow, which is currently one of the hottest color for eye shadows, Olive gold is perfect and shimmer to apply on your lower lids, or you may smoke it out with a bit of black shadow on your eyes outer corners. Other fashion items for smoky eye application that are trending nowadays are charcoal with sparkle and navy color shadows. You may blend either this two colors separately to get a great fashion version of smoky eye by adding a splash of silver to the eyes inner corners. This half-smoky-eye look should be lovable since this particular fashion makeup is perfect for evening outings.


Fashion Makeup – Nude Makeup

As a final, another trending fashion makeup that comes with the fashion make up 2011 trends is nude makeup. To add a sexy flare into the look, apply clear gloss or a rosy colored blush. It will work well to spice the whole look. So, these mentioned fashions make up art trends are basically for women of all ages, but should you over 30 yet still sexy, you may absolutely use these fashion makeup items and applications.