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Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic Tattoos, A Flash


There were no clear, reliable sources dating when cosmetic tattoos were firstly performed to women. However, in 1930s, women had been the fragile target of complexion treatment offered by their beauty salons. These salons offered tattoo makeup by injecting dyes extracted from vegetables on women’s skin. People have been creating designs onto skin by this technique for hundreds years, fortunately. Until today, this kind of treatment which purposefully covers flaws can be classified as cosmetics, without a doubt. Then again, different from decorative, common makeup, a good understanding on cosmetic tattoos is required since the latter type of cosmetic cannot be removed effortlessly at the end of every day.


Cosmetic Tattoos: Permanent

Once cosmetic tattoos are applied underneath the top layer of the skin, they stay there permanently. As a matter of fact, this type of cosmetic conveys the name of tattoo because the procedure performed to the skin is just like tattooing, that is micropigmentation, and the pigments of the inks are bounded by the regulation of the association monitoring food and drug in each country. The makeup application is also similar to tattooing, that is by releasing the ink through a needle penetrating the skin. The result of this permanent makeup can imitate eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick, and lip liner. With the 30 until 120 minutes duration for each procedure, this is comparable to daily, common makeup, both depending on the level of complication. Only, cosmetic tattoos will last for three or five years.


Cosmetic Tattoos: The Look

Cosmetic tattoos may be an alternative for women who need to apply makeup every day because they have to meet people on their job or camouflage scars after surgery or certain disease affecting their look. Eyebrow tattoos may be beneficial rather than, in hurry, drawing eyebrows with pencil every morning. If the job needed is enhancing and shaping the eyebrow, as the eyebrow is literally there, the technique of tattooing is called powdery filled. On the contrary, when the eyebrow is indistinct, partially exists, or even invisible, hairline strokes may be required. The same story also happens to permanent lipstick or lip tattoo. More than just decorative, lip tattoo can also be a corrective makeup as it can diminish lip scars. This kind of colored tattoo can save some pennies for lipsticks, as well as save women from lipstick bleed tragedy. Therefore, cosmetic tattoos can be useful.


Cosmetic Tattoos: Who is Your Angel?

If cosmetic tattoos are what desired, make sure that the one performing the tattooing process is a trained or medical professional. The process can be really uncomfortable, or even painful, when prior, local anesthesia is not involved. In these recent years only, proper technique, sterilization, and licensing have been an issue. There is no clear warranty or assurance covering this cosmetic tattooing. Asking references from other women might be needed before deciding anything, as tattoo artists today also train themselves in cosmetic tattoo. After tattooing, the color may look darker or brighter than expected, but in some days the real color will show itself. Unfortunately, in two to five days after tattooing, there may be local swollen on the parts being tattooed. That is why the expertise of the person defines the natural look on the cosmetic tattoos.

cosmetic tattoos

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Cosmetic Tattoos: How Much?

The price of cosmetic tattoos defines the expertise of the professional, the stretch and quantity being tattooed, and the quality of the ink or pigment. In the United States, tattoo cosmetics for eyebrows or lips vary from $300 until $1000. In case of any errors occur, removing the tattoo is possible, but with great difficulty due to its permanent trait. Surgical removal, laser resurfacing, and physical or chemical exfoliation are the most common techniques. In such cases, paying double for cosmetic tattoos can be suffered.

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